The program developers recently took a comprehensive look under the hood and concluded that Limewire would undergo some serious Graphical User Interface (GUI) improvements. The new interface has a sleek, crisp, modern design that represents the software in a much more “updated fashion”. Please take this opportunity to download the Official Latest Version (5.5.1) directly from our website. As always, Limewire condones the use of legal downloads, which may be acquired through the Limewire Store. Although the store’s offerings might not boast as wide of an array as the Gnutellla network, you are encouraged to ponder it’s selection. But don’t fret, you may still use Limewire to download all the free music, movies, games, software and pictures that you usually do. It is fact that Limewire has worked diligently to reach this “decade-old” milestone, and it intends to keep up the trend for the next one. Get your Limewire free download now, it’s 100% FREE!

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